Emotional Intelligence in Business

A high emotional intelligence and a high intelligence are the perfect formula to bring a business to the top.

Emotional intelligence is when a person is able to understand and control their own emotions and that of others. The five components of emotional intelligence are firstly to be able to recognize and understand your own feelings and its effects on your life and how it affects others. Secondly, it to be able to express and control your own emotions. A third element is that people with high emotional intelligence are self-motivated and are able to pursue their goals. Empathy is also an element of emotional intelligence, it means to be able to recognize and understand the moods and feelings of others. And finally, the fifth element is people skills, it is to be able to build trustworthy and long-term relationship with others.

Importance of EQ

The importance emotional intelligence in business is that it can be the key to successful negotiations. Building strong relationship in business requires trust. And the power of a strong relationship is to have people skills and to be able to understand their emotions so as to apprehend the actions and make the right decision at the right time. Furthermore, leaders and managers with high EQ, have a greater ability to motivate others as they are able identify the feeling of their team members and bring them to be more engaged and committed.

How to Improve your EQ

Emotional intelligence is becoming a popular skill in the business and developing a high emotional intelligence is important for your professional achievement. There are several ways of improving your emotional intelligence such as assertive communication, to be able to express your feelings directly while respecting the opinion of others. Being self motivated is another way of improving your EQ, to be able to set your goals to achieve them while facing challenges.


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