Women in Business

Always dream big and make your dream a reality. Don’t be afraid to fall, but always work to reach the top.

Women in Business

Female entrepreneurship is a subject that I love talking and writing, I have always dreamed of starting my own business and building my empire. I have always admired women who had the courage, the ambition and the determination of launching their own business. Women starting from scratch with just an idea, a dream and the will to make that dream a reality. Women working hard to reach a management position in businesses. And today, when I look around and what inspires me the most is women standing up for themselves and saying, Yes, I can do this and Yes I am going to do what I need to get where I want.

In this article, I will write about the rise of women in business, the rise of women leadership in business. I will also write about the successful female entrepreneurs to watch in 2020. And we will have a look at some tips given by women in business.

Women Rising in Business

According to an article based on a study sponsored by the Peterson Institute for International Economics, it was found that having women as corporate leaders lead to a positive organizational performance and it also improves the performance of the organization. Thus, this study reports that female leadership results in an increase doing business operations better. Historically, every fields was dominated by male business leaders. For example, the field of public relations was controlled by male. With time, this field is now mostly controlled by women. However, there are still some positions that are largely controlled by man such as higher management position. But we can notice that the role of women in many fields is evolving such as in marketing and entrepreneurship.

Now, let’s talk about the rise of women entrepreneurs. Nowadays, there is a lot of opportunities helping women to become their own boss. With the internet, many women are opting for online business. And the number of female entrepreneurs has significantly increased in the recent years and are increasing dramatically. Moreover, there are many associations along with government helping women to start their business, providing free training and mentoring services. With all these factors, it is more easy for a woman to launch her own business and having the necessary and adequate skills to grow her business.

Tips for Women in Business

And now, we will have a look on the tips and advice given by women in business, female entrepreneurs and female founders on how to run a business and be successful. You will find 3 interesting advice and tips below.

1. Believe in yourself

I’m sure you have heard this one a lot of time, but sometimes in moments of doubt we find it hard to believe in ourselves and to trust our own abilities. The first advice when you are an entrepreneur is to believe in yourself and to give the best of your capabilities every day. You should be your own cheerleader when you are feeling down and you should really follow your instincts when you feel that something is right. Trust yourself, ladies.

2. Keep learning

The keep to success is knowledge. Knowledge is everything. And one way to grow your knowledge is to read. To read, read and read. And if you don’t like reading, there is always another option such as audio books. You can also follow online classes and nowadays, thanks to the internet, there are many online courses. Another resource that you can use is reading business and leadership books, you will always learn new things about how the world operates and how you should adapt your business to it. Reading is the key.

3. Build your network

It is important that you build a large network. You must firstly surround yourself with other successful female entrepreneurs. You will find that you can learn a lot by working with others and you can also learn many things from other failures. In addition, when you are hiring people to work with you, you need to look for people with different skills so as at the end of the day, you will be surrounded with of group of person each having their own skills and capabilities and we all know that diversity in a team makes the work easier and faster. Don’t do it alone.

Women Entrepreneurs to watch in 2020

And now, let’s talk about theses women who are rewriting the rule book, the women who are inspiring us, the women who have created their own brand, business or name all by themselves.

1. Carina Lepore

Carina Lepore is the owner of Dough Artisan Bakehouse in, a family run bakery in Herne Hill founded in 2018. She is responsible of baking the products in the morning and the sister, Rachel along with the father handle the day-to-day operation of the business. The advice that Carina is giving us is that if you want to succeed you should always work hard, there is no other way.

2. Emma Kane

Our second female entrepreneur is Emma Kane. She is the CEO of Newgate Communications. A company building and protecting brands, reputations and business by using research and strategic communications. The advice of Emma, is to be extremely focused, to know your enemy and to make your colleagues your best ambassadors.

3. Janice Gordan

Janice Gordan with more than 20 years of experience in the sales, customer experience and business growth is now the founder of Scale Your Sales. In addition, she is also the author of Business Evolution, a book helping entrepreneurs to grow their business using the 4 P’s, that is Personality, Purpose, Pleasure and Process. The advice of Janice is to stay close to your key customers because they are the people who understand your business and what you are offering and value your service.


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