A Successful Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Good graphics, rich detailed description and don’t forget the hashtags

About Pinterest

I am super active on Pinterest and I love using it. I can actually live on Pinterest. You can find everything there, you are a fashion addict, you will find shoes, dress, heels, of all colours, type, and according to your taste. Dreaming of some holidays, Pinterest can help you choose the type of destination that you will definitely love. Thinking of building a house of redecorating your room, you will find amazing inspirations on Pinterest. You can also find craft ideas, DIY projects and so much more.

So what exactly is Pinterest ? Is it a social media or a search engine ?

Pinterest is a social media network that allows their users to look for images posted by other users. For instance, many people look for recipes on Pinterest, therefore people can browse through images by typing what type of recipe they are looking for and click on the images and can be taken to the instructions of the recipe. And if they have found this recipe interesting they can save the image to their board.

There are also many people that use Pinterest to find ideas, information and products. Thus, Pinterest can also be a powerful search engine. You can use Pinterest to post your product and link the images to your website.

How Pinterest Works

Let’s have a look at the different terms used on Pinterest.

1. Pin

A pin is a visual, it can be an image of a video that a user saves to their Pinterest account. Each pin on Pinterest that is added using the Pin button links back to the website it originally belong.

2. Re-pin

A repin is when you are adding an image that you have already found on Pinterest to your own pinboards.

3. Board

A board is simply a way to organize your pins so that you can find them eassily. A user can either follow a Pinterest account or just a board that interest him.

4. Feed

Pinterest feed is similar to Facebook feed. All the pins that your followers pin gets displayed along with all the pins that you may find interesting.

Using Pinterest for Business

Across the years, the number of Pinterest users has increased significantly. Below you will find some marketing statistics of Pinterest.

Pinterest has over 250 million of users active each month around the world. Among the users of Pinterest, the majority is women. And there are more than 3 billion of total boards on Pinterest.

Many businesses are using Pinterest because many people are using this social media network to look for inspirations, products and products. And according to a study carried out by eMarketer, in the United States of America, Pinterest is the number 2 social media network after Facebook as it helps people to discover new products and indirectly Pinterest positively influence people purchase decisions.

In addition, Pinterest can help you to drive traffic to your blog. If you are creating images of high quality with rich description and quality visual, it can attract a lot of Pinterest users and since on Pinterest when clicking on the images it redirects to the original site, thus, you can have a lot of traffic through Pinterest. Furthermore, if you have really good and interesting product, Pinterest can help you to convert a lead into a sale.

Building a Successful Marketing Strategy using Pinterest

And now we will have a look at a marketing strategy by using Pinterest.

So first of all what are the objectives of businesses on Pinterest. The social media network is typically used to increase sales, to boost sales, to build brand awareness and to deliver an action. First of all when using Pinterest you should set up a business Pinterest account.

And now, how do you build a successful marketing strategy using Pinterest. If you want to turn your prospects into customers, you need to think like a customer. If you were a customer, what would you like to see. If you were a customer, what type of pin, would you find attractive. If you were a customer, what type of SEO and description would you used to target people interested in your products. When you are creating a pin on Pinterest, the quality of the image need to be of good quality so as to be attractive, you also need to provide a good description so that when people are looking for your product and service, they can easily find you. It will be useless to have a good image and when people are looking for you, they can’t find you because you have not added enough description. It should be a combination of both.

If you want to have a good idea of the keywords that you need to use to target your customers and prospects, you can do some research on Pinterest and Google also. You will better understand what people type when they are looking for a certain products and what are the keywords that you can use.


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