Understanding Customers

Success depends on how well you understand your customers

Understanding your customers

Selling a service is good but you know what is great, it is selling a service that satisfies the needs and wants of your customers. This element is crucial in any business and is the major reason for the success or failure if a business. Now, the question is how well do you understand and anticipate the needs and wants of your customers? Because being able to do this can result in customer loyalty and good word of mouth recommendation. There are several ways to understand your customers and today we will discuss on the three main ways to understand your customers better.

1. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes

One of the easiest ways of understanding your customers is to put yourself in their shoes. Take a look at your premises or shop, it is welcoming and clean, what about your staff, is your receptionist friendly? Are your staffs delivering what the company promise ? What about the complaints, are they being addressed and resolved in a timely manner ? How would you feel if you were the customers. Improving your service to meet customer expectations is a must.

2. Using data

Use your customer database or your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to analyse and use these data to better understand your customers. Look at the patterns of orders, are they good ? Are you delivering on time ? Are you giving your customers information about your new products and new deals? Furthermore, you can use the data on your customers to cross-sell or up-sell. Data is important and it can be your competitive advantage if you know how to make use of it.

3. Ask your customers what they think

Conduct a market research, a customer satisfaction survey. The typical questions in these types of surveys are to ask customers, how they feel about your products, to rate your products and whether there are improvements to be made. Questions are also asked on your staffs and your premises. Based on the results you will be able to take action.


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