Types of Customers

Knowing your customers is a major competitive advantage

Types of Consumers

In the previous post, we have talked about the ways to better understand customers. But it is also important to understand the type of customers so as you know how you can market your products. We will have a look at 7 types of consumers and what strategies can be used to market a product to them.

1. Bargain Hunter

Bargain hunters also known as the discount customers are the customers who always know where there is a good deal, they are armed with discount codes or coupons. These types of consumer are motivated by what you offer. They are the kind of customer that live for the deals. In addition, they are most likely to buy something that has a discount or a promo code even if they don’t need the product.

Marketing strategies for Bargain Hunters

  • Promotional Pricing StrategiesPromotional pricing strategy is when the price of a product is temporarily reduced so as to attract potential customers or clients. When lowering the price of the product for a short period of time, the value of the product increase due to scarcity thus resulting in people wanting to buy it. Since bargain hunters are attracted with promotion and discount, it is a good way to market a product to this category of buyer.
  • Flash Sales You can choose a specific time of the day or week to give a discount on the total purchase of their purchase. It is best to host a flash sales during slow or quite time.
  • Clear out end-of-season merchandise There are sometimes some merchandise left at the end of a season. When it is time to make room for new products or new collection, hosting an end-of-season sale is an appealing strategy for bargain hunters.

2. Browsing Customer

Have it ever happened to you that you are in a store and the salesperson come to ask if you need help and you just say “just looking”? It happened all the time when I am out with my mother, she is always just looking. These kind of customers is known as the wandering customers. They are not looking for a particular product and they are not shopping for a particular reason, they are just curious to know what you are offering.

Marketing strategies for Browsing Customers

  • Provide a warm welcome Pushy sales tactics don’t work well with wandering customers. Thus, it is important to not also ignore them. What you can do to encourage purchase with those kind of customers are to provide them with a warm welcome, offer assistance and inform them if ever there is any promotions or sales.
  • Have a good presentation of your store The customer must feel comfortable in the store or else he or she will leave immediately because don’t forget they are here for no reason and we need to give them a reason to stay. Therefore, it is important to have a clean store, a nice music and the lighting must be good. Furthermore, your shop need to be well organized with necessary information available at one glance.
  • Encourage impulse buying Even if those buyers are just wandering, you can always attract them with small gifts or trendy items. However, these product need to be very attractive and eye-catching for them to be interested.

3. Impulse Customer

Impulse customers also called emotional customers are shoppers that will buy items on an impulse regardless of the price. They are driven by an impulse or an emotion. They are more likely to buy a product just because they find them attractive.

Marketing strategies for Impulse Customers

  • Make it easy to buy These shoppers are buying on a whim, they want to make the purchase quickly and easily. Therefore, you can equip your store with a mobile device to process sales instead of having them wait in line.
  • Learn about the art of selling Tell a story behind the product so that the shopper experience an emotional connection with the product which will encourage purchase.

4. Mission-Driven Buyer

Mission-driven buyer have already the item or a list of items that they need to buy. They are sometimes called need-based buyers because they are searching for products that will fill a purpose, such as grocery items, a birthday present or replacing a worn-out clothes. It is important to note that they are the kind of shoppers that buy out of necessity and not because they enjoy it.

Marketing strategies for Mission-Driven Buyers

  • Buy online, pick up in stores They are shoppers that are usually in a hurry and need to get things done fast. Thus, proposing them a buy online, pick up in store store will be an advantage for them.
  • Use cross-merchandising As mentioned above, mission-driven shoppers are in a hurry, therefore it will be good to have items that are placed conveniently.

5. Indecisive Shopper

Indecisive shoppers are the ones that are not sure about making a purchase due to a lot of information, not enough information or because of the price.

Marketing strategies for Indecisive Shoppers

  • Have top-notch customer service You have to be a personal shopper for these kind of customers. You will have to guide them through their purchase.
  • Ask questions You need to ask them questions about what they want exactly so that you have precise information that will help you to get them the right product.

6. Educated Buyer

In today’s world, there are many people that fall under the category of educated buyers or well-informed buyers. They are the ones that will do a research of the product they want to buy before actually buying them. They will read reviews to know about others experiences with the product or service. They will check for the price of the product and compare its competitor’s price. They are the kind of buyers who actually have an idea of what they want to buy.

Marketing strategies for Educated Buyers

  • Provide a positive shopping experience Well-informed buyers are already aware about information such as price and features, so as to encourage purchase, you need to provide them a positive shopping experience such as a great customer service and a clean and organized store.
  • Offer value added You can offer them value added to the product such as a loyalty program or product customization.
  • Have a digital marketing strategy It is important to have a well-rounded digital marketing strategy for these types of customers. Tools such as Google My Business and a Business Facebook page are a must.

7. Loyal Customer

My favorite type of customers, loyal customers also known as regular customers. They are the ones who know your product, love your product and will recommend your product. They come to your store again and again and do not care what competitors offer. Your only job with this kind of customer is to make them happy.

Marketing strategies for Regular Customers

  • Treat them very well To keep the loyal customers, it is important to treat them as a VIP. Always remember that it is cheaper to keep regular customers than to look for new ones. You can keep information such as their birthday, product preferences and so on so as to make them feel important.
  • Reward them Let your regular customers know that they are appreciated by hosting event or promotions that will be exclusively reserved for them.
  • Ask for their input on new product or service Include them in your decision making when you are planning for an innovation or creating a new product or service. Carry out a survey with them to know about their opinion, they are your regular customers and thus their opinions are more important than the other types of customers.

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