Customer Experience Strategy

A great customer experience will always be a winning strategy

Customer Experience

Have you ever had a good customer experience ? Now, you might ask what is customer experience, what does it involves exactly and if it is the same as customer service? So let’s have a look at the first question. What is customer experience? It involves the interaction between a customer and a company at all stages of the customer journey. Concerning the second question, what does a customer experience involves ? It includes every interaction a customer have with the product, the brand, the company or the staff. It may be an exposure to an advertisement, calling the customer service, the payment of a bill or a complaint. It sums up all the feeling of a customers toward the company.

For the third question, is customer experience the same as customer service? Not exactly, customers experience is all the interactions of the customer with the company. If everything is executed correctly, there will probably be no need for a customer to contact the customer service. If a customer is not satisfied or there is a complaint, then they will contact the customer service. Therefore, customer service is just a piece of customer experience.

In today’s era, there are so many possibilities for a customer to get information on products that are available on the market place and there are so many substitutes. Therefore, your products are probably easily replaceable. Therefore, it is important to create a good customer experience. Because nowadays, customers are looking for more than a good price, a good product or a good review, they want to feel something special, they want to be valued and they want a personalized service. So ask yourself, are you delivering all this? Are you offering a customer experience that you will like ? If not, keep on reading because below, we will talk on winning strategies to improve customer experience.

Importance of Customer Experience

For some of you, customer experience might not be the number one priority today, especially with the pandemic prevailing actually around the globe. Maybe your only concern right now is to keep the business running. However, I will list you some reasons of the importance of customer experience because do not forget, a happy client will always come back for more.

1. Increase customer satisfaction

The main objective is to create a consistent customer experience during all the journey of the customer. The key to exceed customer experience is to deliver what you promised and also to offer extra care. If you create a positive customer experience, this will increase your customers satisfaction rate.

2. Turn customers into loyal customers

Do you know that acquiring a new customer costs 7 times more than maintaining an existing one? Yes, 7 times more, that’s huge money here. One more reason to improve customer experience because it helps to keep your customer on buying your products.

3. Positive word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool. It can make your reputation or damage it. And the brand image is a crucial aspect of a company. If a customer has a positive customer experience, he will talk about it. And nowadays, will social media, it is easy to share stuffs and rate product. Customers will talk whether it is good or bad. So give them something great to talk about.

4. A competitive advantage

If you are offering a good customer experience, therefore standing out will no longer be an issue. Customer experience is the perfect way to attract the customers of your competitors because will you will have something that no one else if offering on the market, something unique and you know what they say about scarcity, people want it when it is limited.

5. Build strong customer relationship

In a world with a variety of choices, having a personalized approach and content help to build a positive customer experience. If you are able to do that, this will help you to build a strong relationship with your customer.

We had a look at the importance of customer experience and now we will look at the different strategies to improve customer experience and stand out from your competition.

Strategies to Improve Customer Experience

There are several ways to improve customer experience and today we will talk about the 7 main ways to do so. As it is said, a brand reputation is built over years and easily tarnished with only one negative comment. So let’s look at the different ways to make and keep a customer happy.

1. Ask for feedback

Customer feedback gives you an insight of what is working and what need to be changed. Asking for customer feedback is also a way to make customers feel valued. It is not only important to ask for customer feedback, but also to implement necessary changes so that the customers know that their voice have been heard and they can trust you.

2. Develop an omnichannel

Omnichannel means to provide a consistent communication journey where the conversation history travel from channel to channel. If you know about a customer well enough, for instance, you know what’s sitting in their shopping cart, what was the past conversations, you will be more able to deliver a good customer experience.

3. Create a content management strategy

Some customers prefer to resolve problem themselves instead of contacting the customer service. Thus, you can offer articles or chatbots that will guide the customer in the right direction. However, it is important to have updated content.

4. Offer personalised service

We have talked about it above, be different and offer a personalised service. Customers will notice and it will make a big difference.

5. Empower customers through AI

With all the technologies available to improve the life and the experience of customer, it will be a waste of resources if you do not make use of them. There are so many machine-learning applications, chatbots, or mobile messaging that can be used to offer a good customer experience. However, do not forget that sometimes there will always be a need for human contact.

6. Be proactive

Responding to customer needs and wants is no longer enough. Nowadays, you also have to anticipate their needs and wants. It is also about getting ahead of the problem before it goes down to other service or before it happens.

7. Use data

Your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System will tell you a lot about your customer and you can use these data to know your customer better and deliver a personalised service.

Customer Experience Matters

Your success depends on your ability to attract new customers and retain existing customers. Therefore, it is important to invest in customer experience, whether you are a small or a big company.


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