Importance of Customer Feedback

Because customer feedback is powerful

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback refers to the information, insight, issues and input shared by your customers about your brand, product, service or company. Customer feedback helps to improve customer experience. It can also help to generate positive word-of-mouth as well as negative word-of -mouth. Listening to the voice of customers is important and it is crucial to take necessary decision based on their feedback.

For instance, if a company received a lot of negative feedback on their product, there are a lot of negative reviews on their Facebook page. And the company has not action on these feedback, it will be very damaging to the company, as they will lose existing clients because they are not improving or changing their product and they will also lose prospects because who will be interested to purchase a product with a lot of negative reviews. As you can see, customer feedback is powerful and below we will have a look at the importance of customer feedback.

Importance of Customer Feedback

All companies want to know what their customers think about their brand, product, service and company. They want to know how great they are doing or what to change. This is why taking into consideration customer feedback is important because it is a way to know what the customers are thinking and therefore you can act upon. Customer feedback and customer experience is directly related, if the experience of the customer is positive, then his feedback will also be positive and vice versa. And the feedback of a customer and impact on the customer experience and feedback of another customer. This is why it is important to collect and action on customer feedback.

Furthermore, customer feedback demonstrates that you value the opinion of your customer and we all know how customers like to be valued. It will create a stronger relationship with them and they will act as your brand ambassadors, spreading the positive word-of-mouth. In addition, customer feedback helps to measure customer satisfaction. As per some studies, there is a close connection between the satisfaction of a business and its performance. Therefore, the customer feedback can predict the financial condition of your business in the future.

For instance, you have received a complaint, you will want to investigate and make things right. You will contact the client and understand what’s going on and try to find a solution to their problem. You will take the necessary actions to satisfy the customer so that they are happy. Why? Because happy clients are what make money comes in. Therefore, customer feedback helps to improve customer retention. Therefore, devising methods to collect customer feedback are important. And now, we will have a look at the different customer feedback methods.

Customer Feedback Methods

Let’s have a look at the best ways of collecting customer feedback.

1. Survey

Survey can be cascaded into long form-based survey that is collecting feedback from a long set of questions that are usually sent by email. There is also short in-app survey, short set of questions to ask about their opinion on the performance of a product and what can be improved.

2. Phone call

Some companies also choose to call their customers so as to have their feedback. The length of the interview is generally short so as not to take much of the time of the customer.

3. Transaction mail

And transactional emails are the mails that you receive after signing up for a new product, or upgrading to a new plan.

Customer Feedback Matters

Having a good product will successful promotional activities is not enough. You also need to collect, analyze customer feedback and implement the necessary actions so as your business moves forward and in the right direction.

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