Benefits of Doing Business Online

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Advantages of Running an Online Business

In the previous post, we have talked about the definition of online business. Today we will go through the benefits of having an online business. From overcoming geographical barriers to making the life of your customers easier, you will have a look at other reasons on why running an online business is a competitive edge. Because nowadays, if you are not online, you are already losing customers. So let’s take a look at the key benefits of doing business online.

1. Saving Money

One of the main benefits of running an online business is that you save money as let’s face it, renting cost a lot of money. And when doing business online you do not have to consider renting. Moreover, when doing a business online, your marketing costs are somewhat lower as well. To increase brand awareness, you can use your social media. To increase sales, you can bring more traffic to your website by using Google Ads. And there are so many low cost marketing strategies that you can adopt to increase your sales and customers’ rates.

2. Reach a Global Audience

Imagine you made handmade jewelries and you have a local shop. The only customers that you will have are the persons who will visit and buy in your shop. Now, imagine that you have an e-commerce website where you sell your products not only into a national market but also an international market. Imagine the potential number of customers that you can have.

3. Improving Your Company Image

In this digital era, all businesses are having an online presence, whether you have a blog, a website or you are on social media. No mater what the size of your company, whether you are small or big, you should have an online presence. Imagine, that you are looking to buy a pastry, and you are new in town, you will just Google it, right? I mean, we do that now, we want to look for something, we want to read something, we want to listen to something, we just Google it. And imagine you are not on Google, you are not registered on Google My Business (we will talk about it later), thus customers will not be able to find you. They will go to your competitors. However, if you have an online presence, they will be able to have a look at your website, maybe have directions to your shop or check your social media to see what type of cakes and pastries you sell or even check your reviews. And all this, improve your image your company image.

4. Better Customer Service

Running an online business also means better customer service. Today, most businesses are on Facebook and if you are having an issue with their products or services, you can just send them a message and typically, they answer in minutes or in a day. Furthermore, being online helps to keep a close contact with your customer and making customers feel valued is a plus these days.

5. Work From Anywhere

This is why I love online business, you can work from anywhere, in a hotel with a margarita in hand and you are working. You don’t need to be in an office to get the job done. Nopes, you can literally work from anywhere. And from my point of view, this is one of the biggest advantages of having an online business.

You also have some drawback while running an online business such as your customers don’t get to see and touch the products or if you don’t have a good marketing strategy it just won’t work well. However, in my opinion, the advantages outweight the disadvantages and nowadays you can find easy and innovative solutions to overcome all the drawbacks.


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