Business Tools

Using digital business tools to shape the future of your business

Section 1 : Design Tools

1. Canva

Canva is a freemium platform where you can make amazing designs, posts, logos and so much more. I love using Canva as it is very user friendly and on this platform you are able to design posts and cover for Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Check it out

2. Pixlr

On Pixlr you can edit your photos and create beautiful designs. This website offers a lot of options such as photo collage, background removal or filters and effects for photos.

Have a look at it

3. PicMonkey

I have been using PicMonkey since I am a teenager and it is just great. You can make collage and edit your photo. In addition, they have a lot of graphics, textures, fonts, templates, photos and videos.

Give it a try

Section 2 : Small Business

When managing a small business, getting the right tool can a huge difference in the day-to-day running of the business. Nowadays, there are a lot of online tools and software available that will help you improve the performance of your business.

Team Communication

1. Slack

Standard$6.67 per user/month
Plus$12.50 per user/month

2. Flock

Pro$4.50 per user/month

3. Zoom

Pro$15 per host/month
Business$20 per host/month

Project Management

4. Asana

Premium$11 per user/month
Business$ 25 per user/month

5. Trello

Business$10 per user/month

6. Google Drive

BasicFree, 15GB
G Suite$6 per month, 30GB
Google One$2 per month, 100GB; $3 per month, 200GB; $10 per month, 2TB

7. Dropbox

Individual Plus$10 per month, 2TB
Individual Pro$17 per month, 3TB
Teams Standard$12.50 user/month, 5TB
Teams Advanced$20 user/month, Unlimited

8. Todoist

Premium$3 per user/month

Marketing Software

9. Zoho

Basic15-day trial, then $12 per user/month

10. Buffer

Pro7-day trial, then $15 per month
Premium14-day trial, then $65 per month
Business14-day trial, then $99 per month

11. Hootsuite

Pro30-day trial, then $29 per month
Team30-day trial, then $129 per month

12. Mailchimp

Essentials$10 per month
Standard$15 per month

13. GoDaddy

Web HostingStarts at $6 per month
WordPress$7 per month
BusinessStarting at $20 per month

14. WordPress

Pro30-day trial then $10 per month
Enterprise30-day trial then $30 per month

15. Adobe Creative Cloud

IndividualsStarts at $10 per month
BusinessStarts at $34 per month
Students$20 per month
Teachers$20 per month
Schools$15 per month
Universities$15 per month

16. Canva

Pro30-day trial then $10 per month
Enterprise30-day trial then $30 per month

Section : Content Management System

  3. HubSpot CMS Hub
  4. WooCommerce
  5. Drupal
  6. Wix
  7. Shopify

Section 4 : Learning Tools

In this digital era, you can learn so many things. You are interested in digital marketing, you can have so many online courses, some are free and others are paid. You will find below some examples where you can learn about digital marketing and get a certificate. And it’s free.

1. Digital Garage

On this platform, you learn about the fundamentals of digital marketing. It is a user friendly platform with videos to help you better understand the world of digital marketing.

Get certified by Google

2. Skillshop

Learn how to use Google to get more clients and grow your business through ads, analytics and so much more. With these certifications you can get a job anywhere in the world or you can sell your services and we all know that digital is the future.

Master the Google tools

3. Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint offers a lot of courses where you can get a Facebook Certification. The course that I have loved is Community Manager, where you learn about the best practices and standards to build an online community.

Earn a Facebook certification

4. Alison

Alison is offering a free course on E-Business where you can learn how to manage and grow your e-business skills.

Get your digital diploma

5. WordStream

On WordStream, you can learn about PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. It is really helpful, explanation well detailed and very instructive.

Start your PPC courses now


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