Social Media Consultant

1.1. Definition Did you know that there are many companies out there that are paying people to optimize and manage their social media presence? Well, that’s exactly, what a social media consultant do. A social media consultant is a person who 1.2 Job Description 1.2.1 Job Purpose A social media consultant develops online media campaignsContinue reading “Social Media Consultant”

Buyer Behaviour

Understand how your consumer behaves if the first step in developing your marketing strategies Target Audience The target audience is mainly household decision maker, middle class people, low income earner. Market segmentation Market segmentation is when customers or prospects are split up into different groups sharing a similar or comparable need, want or interest. (McDonaldContinue reading “Buyer Behaviour”

Marketing Environment

Marketing is so much more than just selling and once you understand the art of marketing, you are already half way towards success Marketing environment According to Philip Kotler, marketing environment refers to the external factors that affect a company to maintain good relationship with its customers. (Shreyasi Ghose, 2015) It is very important toContinue reading “Marketing Environment”

McDonald’s Business Strategy

Smile, food and good time Section 1 : Mission and Vision of McDonald 1. Introduction Business strategy helps a business to shape an action plan in order to achieve its desired objectives. Implementing the right strategy will help a business to be successful. 1.1 Mission and Vision of McDonald’s 1.1.1 Mission Statement A mission statementContinue reading “McDonald’s Business Strategy”

Benefits of Doing Business Online

Start now, start before you are ready and make it happen Advantages of Running an Online Business In the previous post, we have talked about the definition of online business. Today we will go through the benefits of having an online business. From overcoming geographical barriers to making the life of your customers easier, youContinue reading “Benefits of Doing Business Online”

Online Business

Design the life you want Online Business Online business, a term that is trending these days. But what does online business really mean? It is to realize business activities on the internet from advertising, buying and selling products and services. Online businesses have made the life of many people easier, for instance, you can nowContinue reading “Online Business”

How to Measure Customer Experience

Treat your customers well so that they can be your brand ambassador Measuring Customer Experience Customer experience is all about customers and their journey with a brand, product, service or company. In my previous post, I have talked about customer experience, the importance of customer and strategies to improve customer experience. Today, we will haveContinue reading “How to Measure Customer Experience”

Importance of Customer Feedback

Because customer feedback is powerful Customer Feedback Customer feedback refers to the information, insight, issues and input shared by your customers about your brand, product, service or company. Customer feedback helps to improve customer experience. It can also help to generate positive word-of-mouth as well as negative word-of -mouth. Listening to the voice of customersContinue reading “Importance of Customer Feedback”

Customer Experience Strategy

A great customer experience will always be a winning strategy Customer Experience Have you ever had a good customer experience ? Now, you might ask what is customer experience, what does it involves exactly and if it is the same as customer service? So let’s have a look at the first question. What is customerContinue reading “Customer Experience Strategy”