Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media marketing strategies connecting you to your audience Social Media in Business Social media, a term that is frequently use nowadays. The first role of social media is to connect; we use it to stay connected to our friends and family, to watch videos, to stay up-to-date with the current trends and news. ButContinue reading “Social Media Marketing Strategies”

How to Measure Customer Experience

Treat your customers well so that they can be your brand ambassador Measuring Customer Experience Customer experience is all about customers and their journey with a brand, product, service or company. In my previous post, I have talked about customer experience, the importance of customer and strategies to improve customer experience. Today, we will haveContinue reading “How to Measure Customer Experience”

Importance of Customer Feedback

Because customer feedback is powerful Customer Feedback Customer feedback refers to the information, insight, issues and input shared by your customers about your brand, product, service or company. Customer feedback helps to improve customer experience. It can also help to generate positive word-of-mouth as well as negative word-of -mouth. Listening to the voice of customersContinue reading “Importance of Customer Feedback”

A Successful Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Good graphics, rich detailed description and don’t forget the hashtags About Pinterest I am super active on Pinterest and I love using it. I can actually live on Pinterest. You can find everything there, you are a fashion addict, you will find shoes, dress, heels, of all colours, type, and according to your taste. DreamingContinue reading “A Successful Pinterest Marketing Strategy”