Buyer Behaviour

Understand how your consumer behaves if the first step in developing your marketing strategies Target Audience The target audience is mainly household decision maker, middle class people, low income earner. Market segmentation Market segmentation is when customers or prospects are split up into different groups sharing a similar or comparable need, want or interest. (McDonaldContinue reading “Buyer Behaviour”

Marketing Environment

Marketing is so much more than just selling and once you understand the art of marketing, you are already half way towards success Marketing environment According to Philip Kotler, marketing environment refers to the external factors that affect a company to maintain good relationship with its customers. (Shreyasi Ghose, 2015) It is very important toContinue reading “Marketing Environment”

Understanding Customers

Success depends on how well you understand your customers Understanding your customers Selling a service is good but you know what is great, it is selling a service that satisfies the needs and wants of your customers. This element is crucial in any business and is the major reason for the success or failure ifContinue reading “Understanding Customers”