Differences Between International and Global Marketing

Why play it small when you can play it big?

International Marketing Definition

International marketing refers to marketing action plans, strategies, and tactics created for a particular foreign market. Although rebranding packaging is one way that companies do international marketing, they can also rebrand products and their retail locations. For example, some companies might rebrand products based on the preference of a specific market. The decision to rebrand products and locations is not universal – it is initiated by the company and executed in a particular country based on research performed in that country.

Global Marketing Definition

Global marketing definition are essentially the same thing. Global marketing is a marketing or advertising strategy that is deployed over the public at large, or over the entire globe. A good example of this is Nike’s strategy, which employs one unified image to all markets internationally, but maintains separate local operations in individual countries who take care of marketing tactics in their own backyards.

Differences Between International and Global Marketing

The key to proper international or global marketing comes down to whether or not your brand is willing to reformat its message for specific markets. If a company’s mission and vision statements can be satisfied through global expansion while reformatting, restructuring, and curating content for each individual market it pursues , an international marketing strategy may be best.
Many large and small companies have their own vision and mission statements. The ways in which these companies choose to expand and market their products depend on their individual goals, the products they produce, the services they offer, and overall financial position. While some companies may choose a globally-minded strategy when expanding into overseas markets, others might choose an international or global marketing approach. The differences between the approaches can differ from company to company based on which best suits the company’s core needs. While a company might be able to expand its consumer base by pursuing an international marketing strategy, a global marketing approach might prove more effective in maintaining unified brand image and compliance with practices such as consumer feedback collection.


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